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Tips for Choosing a Safe Alternative Medicine  

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tips for Choosing a Safe Alternative MedicineLater, the presence of alternative medicine increasingly widespread. Some are offering reflexology treatments, acupuncture to herbal medicine. Not to mention the promotion through print media, radio, and television. There's even a recognition that lists patients who have successfully passed such treatment. Wow ... certainly very tempting!

Just so you know, traditional medicine is very diverse. You are free to choose as needed. Department of Health classifies into four categories, namely:
1. Traditional medicine skillsTraditional medicine massage sequence, fractures, circumcision, traditional birth attendants, reflexology, acupressure, acupuncture, chiropractor and other traditional treatment methods are similar.
2. Traditional medicine herbIndonesian traditional medicine herbs (herbs), gurah, physician, sinse, homeopathy, aromatherapy and other traditional healing methods of similar Denya.
3. Traditional treatment approach to religionTraditional treatment approach to Islam, Christianity, Catholicism, Hinduism, or Buddhism.
4. Traditional medicine supernaturalTraditional medicine in the energy (prana), psychics, reiki master, qigong, traditional psychotherapy and other traditional methods of treatment type.
It must be a Look
The right choice can address the grievances felt. Here are some important things referenced in choosing the right traditional medicine.
1. Registered Mail Bag traditional healers (STPT) or traditional healers Permit (SIPT)All the traditional healers who performs traditional treatment shall apply to the Head of the District Health Office / Municipality to obtain STPT. In addition, traditional healers in a supernatural way must be recommended first of Attorney District / Municipality. While traditional healers with religious approach must be recommended first of Religion Office District / Municipality.
As for SIPT, specially given by the Head of the District Health Office / City from the traditional healers whose methods have met the requirements of screening, assessment, research and testing, and proven to be safe and beneficial for health. Currently, obtaining new SIPT acupuncture because there has been a formal study and research in Indonesia. Maybe other areas will follow after the screening, assessment and research. There are some that would like homeopathy abroad have no special subject study, but in Indonesia yet.
2. Include STPT or SIPT the nameplateTraditional healers who included STPT / SIPT on name boards, sign has officially registered to the Department of Health. Which means also under Public Health coaching is concerned.
3. Ask for a clear explanation to the traditional healersPrior to treatment, the consumer should ask about the following information to the physician that the treatment will be done. Each physician must provide medical information that will be done. This information can be given orally and covers the advantages and disadvantages of the treatment measures to be carried out.
4. Physician shall seek approvalAll the traditional treatment measures to be performed on patients must obtain consent of the patient and / or family. This Agreement shall be given in writing or verbally. If it's high risk treatment measures for patients, required a written agreement signed by the right to give consent.
5. Shall make records patient statusTraditional healers in providing the services required to make notes in patient status. So healers have data on drugs that have been given, which could be useful for further treatment.
6. Worth the costTreatment costs for consumers should be feasible. In a sense, comparable to treatment measures undertaken and medicine that is given. For example, herbs, tools should be used, and others. If funds are given no sense should avoid.
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