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Breast Cancer Awareness: A Journey To Safe Life  

Monday, October 8, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness: A Journey To Safe Life
Being aware of the risks of breast cancer will certainly be helpful in avoiding what can form cancer in your breasts. What actually causes breast cancer is not yet confirmed. But getting the knowledge about what doctors have found out to be fueling the breast cancer and its growth will be effective in minimizing the risk of this disease.

Although according to experts nearly every woman is at a lifetime risk of breast cancer but when you know the risks those can potentially cause breast cancer in you, you will be in a better condition to understand the level of risk in you. These are many in number where some risk factors are unable to control as these are natural so are away from man's hands, and some are the factors those after being controlled by you, can help lower your risk for this disease.
The first much uncontrolled factor is when your gender is female. When you are a woman you can't help preventing breast cancer. Breast cancer is most common among women because the functioning of breasts is very complicated among women. Women have very developed breasts and that is the reason the working inside the breasts is also very complicated and hence the cells get abnormal resulting in the damages of breasts and formation of cancer tumor.
There is another well known factor responsible for breast cancer and that is increase in age. When you are older your chances of being affected by breast cancer are very high. It is also proved that more than 85% percent women are affected by the breast cancer when they are above 40 years. When older you are, higher are the chances for you to develop breast cancer in you.
Family history or the personal history of breast cancer in a woman also determines how much the chances are there for development of breast cancer in you. when a woman is with some close relative affected by breast cancer the chances of her getting this disease are increasing, but when a woman herself has experienced even a mild attack of this cancer there are highest chances that she will be again encountering breast cancer in near future.
When you have been a habitual drinker then alcohol can also increase the risk for you for development of breast cancer. Studies have proved this that there are some substances hose can help the tumor to grow and hence these factors play a positive role in development of breast cancer in you. But as it is obvious that this factor responsible for development of breast cancer in you is self created and can be omitted from life to eliminate the risk of breast cancer due to this factor.
When you are not paying attention to what you are taking in as your diet you can also have a chance to develop many diseases and among those one is breast cancer. Diet has a hidden impact on breast cancer cells those can later grow to form a cancer tumor.
Breast cancer awareness helps you in knowing how you can reduce your chances for this disease. Breast cancer awareness is actually the beginning of journey that will lead you to a safe life far away from the chances of breast cancer development.

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