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pine Nuts Health Benefits - Good for diet  

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pine Nuts Health Benefits

Pine nuts are the seeds of pine trees. Seeing foreign names, perhaps quite fitting that this diindonesikan pine nuts into nut pine, although the name was not common. Besides pine nuts, some seeds of various types of pine trees that grow in different parts of the world. As pignoli, Pinyon nut, Indian nut.

Pine seeds present in the form of a pine cone. To harvest the seeds, pine cones dried fruit. Once dry, the seeds will scatter off. These seeds are then solved. Due to acquire seeds require a rather difficult process, then the price is quite expensive pine nuts. Pine nuts contains 14 percent protein.

The content of minerals and healthy fats makes pine nuts effective as alkaline forming foods in the blood and tissues. Therefore, conventional pine nuts by the Western countries mentioned can serve as a lubricant for the lung and colon. Often eating pine nuts may help boost the immune system.

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