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Increase Male Fertility Use Betel Nut,It work And Powerful  

Monday, October 22, 2012

Sex for most people is not just a question of liability of husband and wife, but also a means of recreation and proving masculinity husband. Strangely, not infrequently encountered men who still feel inferior to her bed capacity or size of his genitals.
This inferiority seems plural encountered. Evident from the wide range of treatment techniques to strengthen stamina of men using traditional ingredients. Some herbs are taught from generation to generation and have not been scientifically proven efficacy.
Examples of the most phenomenal is tongkat ali and Purwoceng.
 to increase the levels of the male sex hormone, testosterone. While Purwoceng claimed to improve the supply of oxygen in the blood and increase blood flow. In turn, these two herbs known to boost male sex stamina.
Besides these two herbs above, there are also some herbs that may sound strange to improve male stamina. This herb is being sold in traditional markets. In Jakarta, this herb can be found in the market Jatinegara.
Different types of herbs include:
1. Red GingerNot only to keep warm, red ginger brew drinking water every day to maintain stamina supposedly powerful men remain powerful. Red Ginger is used as a herbal plant is also touted to prevent sterility and strengthen the endurance of sperm.
2. MatchmakerFruit matchmaker believed to increase or stimulate sexual vitality. how, fruits or roots matchmaker pounded until smooth. Then, the water that has been filtered mixed with one tablespoon of honey bee and chicken egg. This is a traditional herb for men.
3. Eels chief oilGrilled eel head until charred fennel mixed evergreen parasite pulosari and shoots. This mixture can supposedly increase the size of the penis and strengthen erections.
4.Minyak LeechLeeches are believed to have properties helps to excite man alias so powerful drugs. The trick, 7 leeches fried without oil to remove the oil. Flakes leeches with oil is applied to the penis before intercourse.Incoming search terms:

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