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Benefits of Sweet Potatoes for health  

Monday, October 29, 2012


Benefits of Sweet Potatoes for health
Who does not know the sweet potato? From Sabang to Merauke must know dong sweet potatoes. In the area of food shortages sweet potato into an alternative food to make ends meet. Unfortunately the sweet potato is not too enthused by urban communities, whereas neighboring countries we need to import sweet potatoes from our country.

Content of Cassava

Ubi which has the scientific name of the tribe Convolvulaceae Ipomoea batatas or commonly called sweet potato.
The sweet that we usually find there are several kinds of colors, namely yellow, red and pink.
Well, speaking of color - the color of the meat sweet, there usefulness behind it. Color - the color was derived from compounds that contain beta carotene, which is precursor of Vitamin A. Sweet potato-producing beta carotene memenag best compared to other vegetable leaves.

benefits of sweet potatoes
with the minerals and vitamins in it, Ubi useful for preventing vitamin A deficiency that causes health problems. Besides sweet potato is also beneficial to stabilize blood sugar levels and lower insulin resistance. Many say people with diabetes are encouraged to consume sweet.

Sweet and Sweet Purple Cilembu
Popular Cilembu Ubi title, Cilembu Villagers, sumedang, West Java, Giat cultivate these plants. As well as the delicious, sweet Cilembu also nutritious.
Besides Cilembu sweet, sweet purple equally usefulness, because purple yam containing anthocyanin compounds on the color purple. This compound is an antioxidant outstanding repute., bahkas all parts of the yam contains Anthocyanins.
several scientific studies conducted to study the efficacy of Purple Sweet as anti obesity, anti-inflammatory and anti-free radicals Invitro. results have been proven, un = bi purple efficacious number of fat cells, inflammatory factors, and show anti-free radical activity.


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