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benefits of red ginger for health  

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

benefits of red ginger for health

Red Ginger has benefits to increase sex drive and impotence as medicine to the disease.
Red ginger is ginger that has the most pungent flavor and contains essential oils are very high. The size of the ginger rhizome is also the smallest. Red Ginger is very good because it has many health benefits such as the manufacture of medicinal and herbal remedies.

In fact, the benefits of a red ginger was known long ago by the Chinese. Nation china red ginger is used as a medicine to treat stomach pain, improve spleen and kidneys. Red Ginger is for arab nation also has many benefits, such as digestive problems, stomach softens, warms bada, and so on.
Red Ginger is Good For People with Ulcer Disease.

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You should be - careful if you suffer from heartburn, although red ginger has many health benefits. This is because the content in the form of red ginger gingerol could make hot stomach. Additionally, If you are pregnant should be - careful also with red ginger. Because red ginger contains substances that can abort the womb.
Red Ginger and Its Benefits
Here is resep2 that you can use to benefit from the maximum red ginger:

Ginger red as cough medicine. Prepare 3 thumb-sized ginger, washed thoroughly and boiled with 2 cups water to boiling putih.Lalu wait, and the water stayed 1 gelas.Setelah it was drunk, drink 2 times a day.
Red Ginger for Overcoming sore-sore. Prepare 2 cups of milk and 2 merah.Rimpang ginger ginger was then washed until clean, new and dikuliti.Setelah it burned, bruised ginger and boiled with 2 cups of fresh milk to drink boiled water tadi.Lalu had 2 glasses a day.
Red Ginger as Medicine Headache. Prepare 3 red ginger and wash ginger smpai bersih.Lalu fuels and make so memar.Kemudian mixed with a little sugar and honey, then pour 1 cup of water, finished, stay drunk.

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