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Pimple Solution part I  

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pimple is skin condition in which oil-gland is stopped that cause infection usually under gone by young people. It appears on our face, chest and back.

How to recover pimple problem
1. By Hydro-therapy:
- Clean your face by using warm water and soft soap, three times a day.
- Steam your face along 15(fifteen) minutes after washing it once a day.
- Do not touch or crush it by your finger.
- Consume fruit-juice and sterile water.
- Sleep at last 7-8 hour a day.
- Reduce consuming powdered food, candy, chocolate, and peanut. Eat more fruit and vegetable.

2. By Using Medicine Vegetations
- Ripe papaya and Chinese orange essence
Mix the ripe papaya as much as three spoons with Chinese orange essence. Put that mixture on your face. After 30(thirty) minutes wash your face with warm water.
- Aloe Vera
Peel Aloe Vera and rub the essence on your face after washing it with warm water.
- Rosemary leave
Grind 5(five) pieces rosemary leave after washing with warm water, put it on your face along one night.

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