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Natural Treatment For Hypertension Use Celery Leaf  

Thursday, October 11, 2012

  Natural Treatment For Hypertension Use Celery Leaf

For centuries, various drugs have been invented by man attempted to treat various diseases. Since the earliest times, traditional medicine, mostly in the form of herbal medicine has been used to treat the disease. For example Ebers Papyrus, compiled in Egypt around the 16th century BC, contains hundreds of folk medicine for various diseases. However, herbal medicine is usually handed down orally from generation to generation.

Although some have argued that traditional medicine or herbal medicines are safer than modern pharmaceutical drugs, traditional medicine not without risk. Warnings and recommendations that should be kept in mind what a person when considering herbal medicine or traditional medicine? Before discussing the risks of traditional medicine, the following are some recipes of traditional medicine and the treatment of the facts of each recipe is believed to overcome some kind of disease and solve problems for a personal appearance.


     Recipe: Consumption of celery on a regular basis.
     Fact: Celery contains phthalide were able to relax arteries thereby reducing blood pressure in patients with hypertension and also reduce the production of stress hormones.

I hope this helpful for you

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