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Natural Treatments for Fibromyalgia  

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Natural Treatments for Fibromyalgia
Natural treatments for fibromyalgia could easily be termed alternative treatments when compared to the established medical care available today. To be very clear whenever I see natural treatments/alternative treatments for fibromyalgia my immediate thoughts include experimental, and or questionable.
The differences between natural and alternative treatments for fibromyalgia are often blurred. In addition to being one of many treatment choices available today, natural treatments can include a myriad of choices including:
1) Chiropractic adjustments/care. Chiropractors today are on the front line when it comes to natural treatment options for fibromyalgia. Care often includes manual adjustment of the spine, and supplements.
2) Supplements, herbs, vitamins, and many special cocktail mixtures, including so-called enhanced
supplements are made for treating fibromyalgia.
3) Out patient pain clinics which often combine a mixture of natural treatments including fibromyalgia tailored exercise, bio-feedback, talk therapy, psychologist, etc. Medical doctors are also involved in care, and prescription medications often combined with treatment.
4) Fibromyalgia specific treatment centers. Wide range available in this category including centers that only use natural supplements, herbs, diet, etc. Additional fibromyalgia centers primarily use chiropractic care in treatment with supplements added depending on the case/individual.
5) Naturopathic treatment for fibromyalgia often includes various supplements, food and toxin testing, diet modification, dentistry/removal of mercury laced fillings, etc.
The examples above are surprisingly only a sample of the many natural/alternative treatments available to those suffering from fibromyalgia today. Since fibromyalgia is recognized as a complex disorder involving at the very least both the brain and the nervous system it is no wonder the list of natural treatments continues to grow.
Extreme caution should be taken when one is looking at potential natural/alternative treatments due to no known cure for fibromyalgia. There are some who wish to take advantage of this fact while offering so-called treatments they know are at best unable to help other than possible placebo effect.
The available natural treatments for fibromyalgia on-line are often overwhelming as it seems every week there are several new treatments/cures mentioned when searching. When looking for available natural/alternative treatments use common sense, critical thinking, and watch for tricks used by some who are less than credible. Products/services may include:
1) Product claims to work for a number of illnesses, alert, alert.
2) Product/service claims do not stand up after further research, or no doctor/manufacturer listed for product, and no warranty offered.
3) Product and or services offered along with so-called testimonials, and no ability to contact these individuals who may have been paid for there services.
Additional natural/alternative products and or services show up on-line daily in the form of videos/ads by individuals or companies claiming to have expertise in treating fibromyalgia. Common sense and the need to take your time in checking out each and every claim thoroughly is paramount. Use of the Better Business Bureau and or local agencies can be of tremendous value when looking into these types of claims.
Natural treatments for fibromyalgia are common, and reports from prestigious research laboratories, universities, and private clinical trials prove that at least some are working. Personally as someone who has suffered with fibromyalgia for over 35 years I can report substantial improvement in symptoms since beginning some of these treatments.
Recent changes for me include dramatic change in eating habits, and use of the "Paleo Diet" for the past four months. In addition through the use of 5-htp, melatonin, and other supplements I have witnessed dramatic improvements in sleep disorder which often accompanies fibromyalgia.
I would note that along with these and other natural treatments I have been able to reduce the amount of pain medication taken daily for the first time in 15 years! I've also lost over thirty pounds and allergy symptoms are dramatically improved. Yes I still have fibromyalgia, and pain every day, but improvements are a wonderful bonus.
While natural/alternative treatments do help many of us who have searched for relief, one must still use extreme caution when thinking about trying some of the many options available today. Use of forums, blogs, support groups, networking, etc, are great tools available when thinking about trying one of the many natural treatments available today for treating fibromyalgia.
Most current reliable research points to a combination approach for treating fibromyalgia. This is the treatment plan my doctor and I have agreed upon, and for the first time in 35 plus years I can honestly report substantial improvements in many daily symptoms. Personal research and at least one reliable partner/doctor is the key to finding much needed relief!

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