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Hair analysis : Means to attaining toxic free life  

Friday, September 21, 2012

Hair analysis : Means to attaining toxic free life
Hair there and gone now. Hair plays a vital part in human's wellbeing. Hair and its beauty are considered as an important factor of human's health. A person's health can be simply determined upon looking at the hair. Many people desire to have good quality and volume of hair. But this can be maintained only through proper intake of minerals and nutrition. A hair analysis test is the most excellent means to acquire a complete and precise vitamin deficiency or a mineral deficiency test.

To know the mineral content of the hair, you have to undergo hair analysis. It gives complete picture of a person's health. Urine and blood tests are important, but they show only the fluid content in the body, but hair has consistent association between the levels of minerals in the hair and other tissues of the body, thus it gives a broad ‘blueprint' of the mineral content in other body tissues. Hair mineral analysis is a systematic test which measures the mineral content of hair. Minerals are needed for millions of enzymes. Mineral content of ones hair mirrors the mineral content of the body's tissues. The reason or conditions for mineral imbalance are depression, headaches, diabetes, allergies, and many more. The main reasons of mineral imbalance are improper diet, stress, birth control pills and many more. Hair analysis helps determines vitamin, mineral and nutritional deficiency as well as heavy metal toxicity which take place over a long period of time. The reasons for heavy metal toxicity are based on the food and water consumed or even contact with industrial chemicals and metals. Hair minerals analysis detects for toxic metals such as lead, mercury, aluminum, nickel, cadmium and arsenic.

People go for a variety of hair test to know the texture, what nutrients are needed and the nutrients they lack. The accurateness for the hair test is reliant on cutting the hair samples correctly. The procedure of hair analysis is done by cutting 1.5 inches i.e. 125 mgs of hair growth which is equal to the heaping tablespoon of hair. The hair closest to the scalp at the nape of the neck should be cut as it provides reliable results. After the hair is cut, it is sent to a licensed laboratory for further research. The laboratory tests identifies the biochemical distinctiveness through determination of three essential oxidation types, providing a definite basis for an exact and precise variety of nutrients based on the individual's metabolism.

Hair analysis points out that an imbalance exists, and it can be corrected through nutritional balancing. The best way to acquire these features is through nutritional balancing, a normal and natural healing principle. A nutritional balancing program helps in removing toxic and poisonous metals and chemicals from the body. It is used for building vitality oxidation rate, helps in meditation and in correcting a person's diet and eating practice.

There are various licensed and certified laboratories which carry out the procedure of hair analysis abroad. Hair analysis can be done anytime. So, next time you feel to boost your energy level, go for hair analysis program. After all health, comes first.

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