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Herbs for Cancer - Use of a cancer treatment herbal  

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Herbs for Cancer - Use of a cancer treatment herbal

Unknown to many, nature has provided some useful herbs for cancer, which is one of the most widespread diseases and scary to today's society.
Nothing strikes fear in the heart of a patient just as the word "cancer." Thanks to the medical industry, the cancer has been constructed and presented as a disease that only medical treatment has a real chance to beat.

However, a treatment against cancer herbal using the right herbs not only match, but far exceed all medical treatments in terms of ability to fight against cancer. In fact, statistics for the conventional treatment of cancer is quite dismal.

A discussion about cancer? The real cause of cancer
Here I want to emphasize an important point? to effectively fight against cancer, you have to understand its origin. Cancer is a disease that a person simply "be." Cancer is a disease that sets foot in a body that has degenerated to such a low point that it can not expel the cancer cells from itself. Most people cancer over a period of 5, 10, 20 or 30 years.
Cancer is a disease of the body. Thus, to cure cancer, you should use a broad spectrum approach to the whole body. While there have been people who have recovered using herbs for cancer, using an herbal treatment for cancer is only part of the total protocol and its results will be limited when it is used in isolation.
If you trawl through decades of scientific research, we would realize that there are literally hundreds of different plants that have been proven in laboratory tests for anti-cancer effects, and therefore would be useful In some ways that herbs for cancer fight against the disease.
However, herbs do not cure cancer by itself? cancer can no grass? cure? disease. In fact, nothing outside can cure cancer or any other disease in the body, moreover, only the body can heal itself in the end, when he is given the environment and support to do so. Thus, the use of herbs for cancer, or for any disease, must be taken in the proper context.
Currently, this site does not cover the topic of cancer deep. However, like any other chronic, degenerative diseases, the fundamental aspects of natural health and healing and a core list of lifestyle and good dietary habits can go a long way in helping the body? S recovery from illness redoutée.Cliquez here for pages and articles on cancer.Une notes on herbs for cancer - Use of a cancer treatment herbal
Natural health and healing, we believe in holistic health and healing, as we realize that different parts of the human body are interrelated, often beyond the comprehension of man. We also believe that the body has the ability to cure any disease, even supposedly incurable diseases.
To do this, the organization needs the support of some basic food habits and healthy life, like a full body detox and a good understanding and application of nutrition. Whatever remote or unrelated a health problem may seem, these basic steps will greatly boost the health effects and benefits of one of our efforts to promote health, including the use of certain medicines natural.
Cancer Herbs
Often underestimated because it is common, garlic is the number one anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic weed. If something in the body needs to kill, garlic is the herb for the job. Garlic is so powerful that people have killed their cancer to eat garlic alone.
If you have cancer, you need to eat a minimum of 3-5 cloves of raw garlic per day. Eight cloves per day is a minimum if you are seriously ill.
Garlic is a plant that you can not take too much. Dr. Richard Schulze, master herbalist and natural healer successful, advocates the liberal use of garlic to aid and strengthen the body. He even said that if he is to use a single program or food for healing, it would be garlic. It is the power of garlic can also be an herbal remedy for cancer.
Garlic is truly one of the most potent herbs to fight against cancer and fight against other diseases. When you are seriously ill, then the more garlic you eat the better. If you have cancer, you are the best eating 8, 12, 16, 20 or more cloves a day. Having stinky garlic breath is a small price to pay to beat cancer.
It is essential that you use high quality organic garlic that is powerful and raw. Organic garlic grown is generally stronger health properties.
Garlic quality is difficult, and its pods are white. A bulb of garlic in good quality will be about 12, large pods, each pod being around an inch long and as thick as the thumb of an adult. Garlic has many small cloves (as much as 30 to 50) while the yellowish color, is generally of lower quality.
Chaparral is another of the top herbs for cancer that has been used for centuries. Chaparral is a shrub that is abundant in the region of the Mojave Desert. Chaparral is a powerful anti-cancer herb, and is also a powerful stimulant of the liver. Chaparral will clear up all the toxins that are buried in the liver.
If this plant is not used in a program of natural healing, the illusion of causing liver damage can be created, resulting in chaparral be labeled as dangerous by various government agencies.
Red clover
Red clover is another useful tool in helping an herbal treatment for cancer. It is a powerful anti-cancer herb that grows like a weed in many parts of the world. Red clover can be used in dyeing, tea, or as poultice. If you have cancer, red clover more you find, the better. You must use the flowers when they are still purple.
Poke Root
Poke root is a powerful anti-cancer and anti-tumour grass that can literally burn away the tumour. Poke root poultices containing were used by great natural healers literally dissolve external tumours, such as in cases of breast cancer.
This plant is considered "dangerous" by the FDA, but not by traditional healers who have used it as a major herb for the treatment of cancer and the treatment of several centuries. There is also a powerful detoxification of plant toxins and flush out the lymphatic system.
Echinacea is the most powerful plant to stimulate the immune system, which is essential if you want to beat cancer. Real Echinacea produced a powerful sensation of tingling, numbness and sensation in the mouth. Most preparations of Echinacea are so low that they will only help you fight a cold, much less cancer. You must make your own preparations, or purchasing a quality product Echinacea.
Although Echinacea is not an anti-cancer herb in itself, its powerful immune stimulating properties make it a must-have weapon in any battle against cancer.
Summarizing the use of herbs for cancer
It is important to note that herbs for cancer discussed above are some of the most powerful plants known to fight against cancer. Some of them are herbs that destroy cancer cells, help to clean and strengthen the body, some do both.
But they are also herbs most discredited, even banned by the medical establishment. The way I see it, this is due to a combination of several factors.
First, natural remedies and herbal whose work threatens the profits of conventional medicine, which makes the most money pushing drugs and surgery for chronic (and often failing) patients . This applies to all forms of cancer herbal remedy, or any appropriate measure based on plants in general.
Second, many people in conventional medicine, researchers and physicians, many of them well-intentioned people are just ignorant of the possibilities of alternative natural health / natural health and healing. They were trained in allopathic medicine, which is extremely different in its operating philosophy. Conventional medicine repairs, corrections, cuts, removes, covers and masks the symptoms, it does not address the root causes of diseases, nor does it help the body heal itself, in the course of healing ultimate. These people read medical journals and equipment, which of course to protect their interests, and speak only their own methods, such as chemical drugs.
Powerful herbs for cancer, or any good plants, moreover, tend to evoke the strongest reactions in the body, as it begins to clean and heal itself. So, for those unfamiliar with natural healing, it is very easy to confuse these as "dangerous side effects" of herbs.
Then there is the arrogance. Despite their poor record when it comes to dealing with chronic disease - when I say "deal", I want to heal - there's a surprising amount of arrogance in traditional medicine. Often, the most educated and highly skilled physician or researcher, the worst of its narrow-mindedness can be. For those of you who have interacted with several doctors on this issue, you surely know what I mean.
Greed, ignorance and arrogance - that, for me it's a deadly combination. And it is not limited to natural remedies, medicinal plants or herbs for cancer - it applies broadly to all that works, but is not considered part of "conventional" medicine. This recipe is causing unnecessary suffering and premature deaths of millions of people worldwide. It's a sad state of affairs.
There are many sites that focus on healing from cancer. Two that I like and recommend are the cancer and cure cancer Tutor course. If you are looking to adopt a broad approach to the natural treatment and cure of cancer, beyond the use of herbs for cancer, I suggest you read these two sites thoroughly.
Cancer is a serious disease, but your body can heal itself of a serious incurable disease, or even - believe it! For those of you with cancer or whose loved one has cancer, time is short, so go learn, move, and change soon, very soon!


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