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Natural Remedies For dandruff  

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

natural remedies for dandruff

It is not easy to deal with dandruff when you are mingling with other people. The white and flaky dead skin cells can be a source of embarrassment and discomfort.  Dandruff is caused by fungus called malassezia. They grow fast especially when a person is possibly suffering from stress, hormonal imbalances, and choice of shampoo, illness and even excessive oil production. The clump usually causes itching and unsightly flakes on the hair. Although dandruff may not lead to serious cases, it is still very uncomfortable to have them.
Natural Solutions for Dandruff
There are natural solutions which can cure dandruff. Some of them can even be found in the kitchen. Some remedies come from plants and essential vitamins. It is very

1.    The Wonders of Apple Cider. Those who suffer from dandruff  will only prepare a simple remedy. Mix one fourth cup of water and one fourth cup of apple cider vinegar together. Fill a spray bottle with the mixture and spray it carefully on the affected scalp. Be sure not to hit the eyes and ears. Then wrap the head with towel for fifteen minutes to an hour. After this, wash hair  with water.  Doing this twice a week will do wonders on one's head and get rid of the dandruff.

2.    Try the Tea Tree Oil. Another healthy remedy is the tea tree oil. This is an essential oil which is used for many years as anti-fungal agent. This plant is usually found in Australia but is now widely used in many heath care products. A study already revealed  the efficient and effective results of tea tree oil in treating one's dandruff.

3.    Biotin is Also Best. Some people who suffered from dandruff were relieved after using biotin. This is B vitamin in soluble form and can be found in foods like egg yolk, liver, soy, milk, barley, and royal jelly.  The purpose of biotin is that it helps with breaking down carbohydrates, fats and protein. Biotin helps fight the dandruff.
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4.    Add Grapefruit Extract. The wonders of grapefruit on the treatment of dandruff are also something to look forward to. Add up a few drops in your shampoo and this makes a lot of difference.

Trying out these natural remedies alleviates the itch as well as  get rid of those clumps and flakes.  When a person has dandruff, it speaks a lot about his personal hygiene. There are also some food which should be avoided when a person is suffering from dandruff. Among these food include dairy products, chocolate, sea foods, and peanuts. Going for green leafy vegetables are also essential in one's diet.
Keep moving and be success on your treatment .


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