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The Shocking Truth On Why Women Get Yeast Infections  

Monday, November 5, 2012

Yeast infection is most of the time suffered by women usually caused by Candida albicans fungus. Although it's only normal for the body to have a growth of yeast cells, the problem comes up when these cells begin to multiply and lead to an overgrowth. If the balance in the body is disrupted, symptoms of this infection can start to manifest. While this is most common in men, men too are susceptible to yeast infection and it goes the same for both sexes that this infection must be treated right away in order to avoid further complications.
Reasons Why Women Deal with Yeast Infection

Yeast cells in the body are required but if they start multiplying, that's when infection comes in. The common causes of this infection are as follows:
· Long term use of antibiotics. While antibiotics are used to get rid of bacteria, there are those drugs that not only kill the bad bacteria but the good ones as well. When the friendly ones are killed, the balance is interrupted and the yeast cells make a person prone to vaginal candidiasis or oral thrush.
· Hormonal imbalance. Usage of birth control pills and ovulation are some of the reasons why a woman would have to deal with hormonal imbalance leading to high estrogen levels.
· Increase in levels of blood sugar. Those women with elevated sugar levels have vaginal secretions that raise the pH level making them prone to having such infection. Diabetics are very susceptible to this infection. If not diabetic, mainly too much sugar in food can lead to overgrowth of yeast cells.

· Wearing of tight fitting clothes. A lot of females deal with yeast cell infection because of wearing clothes that are very tight not knowing that doing so irritates the sexual organ. Too much sweating can irritate the vagina as it dampens the area especially when the weather's too hot. This simply suggests that one has to make sure that she keeps her private region dry and clean all the time.
If diagnosed with a yeast infection, one must make sure that she gets treated right away because there are a lot of dangers attached to untreated yeast infection. Once you notice symptoms such as pain, itching, whitish-gray discharge, thick vaginal discharge and burning sensation every time you urinate, refer to the doctor the soonest possible time so you'll be given a prescription. The prescription drugs can have minor side effect-allergy, but don't worry because this can be treated as well. Although the disease is not primarily a sexually transmitted one, it's still advised to refrain from having unprotected sexual intercourse. It's always better to prevent it rather than finding ways to cure it as the dangers are too many to deal with.

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