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Natural treatment for Dysentery use gambier  

Monday, November 26, 2012

Natural treatment for Dysentery use gambier
Gambir is basically extract sap from the leaves and twigs of plants squeeze Latin name (Uncaria gambier Roxb.) Which is then dried. In Indonesia, more commonly known as mixed gambier menyirih. Though it can be used more economically gambier as leather polishes (lacquer) and dye (such as tree resin). Gambir also contains catechins (catechin), a natural substance that is an antioxidant, so it can be beneficial to the body and is completely natural.

And almost 95% of the production of gambier made into prints dry as apparent image above, called betel bite or plan masala. Usually cylindrical shape of the mold, like brown sugar. The color brown soil. Gambir (gambier-international trademark) can be traded in the form of packet sizes kilogram, varied (1 s / d 50) kg for export. Another is a powder form of production or "biscuit". With the market name catechu, gambier gutta, catechu pallidum (pale catechu).

In Indonesia gambier widely cultivated in West Sumatra, on land with an altitude 200-800 m above sea level. And if our review of the system or systems nomenclatur binomial naming and classification of plants ranging from the kingdom (kingdom) to species (species) we can look at the picture on the side.
Functions / Benefits / Benefits Gambir

Scientific classification GambirNah, after knowing gambier itself, we'll talk about the function gambier as a natural remedy. In the world of pharmaceutical gambier known as mixed drugs, such as burns, migraine headaches, diarrhea, dysentery medication, mouthwash-gargle, mouth ulcer medications, and skin pain medication (smeared).

Gambir has a distinctive bitter and chelating properties. Gambir also has astringent and hemostatic efficacy. Gambir is also known to reduce mouth and throat disorders, hoarseness, and mouth sores. This can be done by following these tips.

Prepare a seed gambier and three betel leaves.
Heat about 150 ml of water.
Enter the gambier and betel leaves into the water is heated.
Wait until boiling then pour into a glass with filtered.
Then use as a mouthwash with a dose of two (2) times daily, in the morning and at night before bed. Do this until the disease is cured. For extreme conditions, it took less than seven days.

A study conducted by a team of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty UNAND also mentioned that microbiological test gambier leaves and twigs extracts against some bacteria that cause diarrhea in vitro, it was shown that extracts of the leaves and twigs gambier can inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause diarrhea.

And tips for treating diarrhea or diarrhea-diarrhea do the following steps.

Materials prepared:

Prepare gambier one piece.
Turmeric is one piece.
Handful of fresh herbs patikan china.

How to use:

Combine ingredients in a total of 110 ml of water.
Heat to boiling.
Once cooked, take a once daily dose of 100 ml. Repeated for 3 days.

Tips so that we can serve the gambier, and we need to know that the use of traditional herbal remedies or herbs would be more beneficial for our body because its nature than drugs with a chemical (synthetic). But in any use of drugs and potions are still advised to consult a health care professional, it yielded optimal results.

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