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pimple problem solution II  

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I am sure almost everyone can relate to the story of getting a pimple on the day of a special event such as a wedding, picture day, meeting, date etc. For some people this maybe their whole life story having to deal with the unruly pimples busting all over their bodies and faces. However, how many pimples you have is not the issue. It is finding a solution to exonerate those unwelcome visitors.
Here I have added several homemade recipes that have being used for a while and many confirm their effectiveness when it comes to getting rid of blemishes.
Egg White: When your pimple is just starting wash your face as you normally would and with cotton swab apply to the affected area.
Got Soap? Make sure you wash your face several times a day. This can be done with soap or your favorite facial wash. The skin of your face is very sensitive so, the only trick would be to keeping it clean. This tip also includes maintaining dirty hands away from face, not going to bed with makeup etc.
Toothpaste: Apply a dab in the affected area and leave on overnight. On the next day rinse out and proceed as usual.
If you have severe acne problems where no remedies have helped then, I suggest you visit a dermatologist. A professional will be able to determine which products or methods will be best for your skin type.
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